[Review] Christopher Robin (2018)


Not one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, but I absolutely love it with all my heart.

Once upon a time, in some mysterious woods lived two best friends, a little boy and a silly bear who were doing nothing but having fun all day long. As time went by, the little boy couldn’t be little forever. He had to move on to his adulthood, leaving the woods behind, getting through all the hardship in real life, and eventually he’d forgotten his best friend. The boy could’ve grown up, but not so the bear. That silly bear kept expecting to see the boy again, days by days, years by years. “I’d never forget about you” the boy had promised him. “Of courtz he gotta remembor me. He iz Christopher Robin. Christopher Robin nevor lie to me”, thought the silly bear. So he kept waiting, and waiting…

One day, by a miracle chance, the silly bear finally saw his best friend again. However, the boy, no, he was a man now. That man didn’t even smile when his friend came in front of him after so many years. Though the bear was a bear with very little brain, he was able to figure out his friend had changed. The red balloon, remember how much fun they had had with a red balloon in the good old days? Well, the balloon presently became a nuisance to the man, and so did the bear. Still, the silly old bear argued: “But it makes me happy. Doesn’t it make you happy?” “No, not really”, replied the man without hesitation. And guess he never noticed the sadness in the silly old bear’s eyes. Nonetheless, I supposed the man couldn’t be blamed, could he? After all, c’est la vie. It’s life. After all the hardship he’d had to deal with, the loss of his beloved ones, the brutal war he had to fight, the good life he was pursuing, the burdens he was bearing… How could a man like that be blamed for not welcoming a dumb friend who would bring him nothing but troubles? How could anyone expect him to be the young Christopher Robin again?


Finally, the bear returned to the mysterious woods to live his forever carefree life, and the man was back to his own world. They remained best friends but who’d know for how long they could maintain that friendship?

Was it a happy ending? Sure it was. But the whole story was cast with a shadow of sadness and poignant. Was the price of being adult meant to lose something precious from the childhood? I know it couldn’t be helped, but still, it was sad. This is the reason why all childhood stories shouldn’t be moved on to adulthood. All the kids in those stories should never grow up so that they would never be taunted with the ugliness of the real world.

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