All The Missing Girls – Megan Miranda


It’s been 10 years since Nicolette Farell (Nic) left behind her hometown and moved to Philadelphia, where she was working as a high school consultant and be engaged to a rich and nice lawyer whose name’s Everette. One day she received a call from her brother who informed her of their father’s medical condition. He was suffering dementia and needed to be put into a nursing facility, so the house must be sold to pay for the cost. Consequently, Nic had to return to her small hometown; in other words, she had to face her dark past again. Back then, she had been an ordinary and carefree kid like any other kids, but everything had changed since the disappearance of her best friend – Corrine. Soon after the incident, Nic had left the town. When she returned ten years later, another girl start going missing. The new missing girl was Annaleise, who was the girlfriend of Tyler, Nic’s high school love; and she was also an important alibi for both Nic and Tyler in Corrine’s missing case. Suspicions and rumors aroused to disrupt the peace and tranquility of the quiet town. 


The narrative structure and timeline were confusing. The story began with the 10-year-later events with a few reflection to the memories from 10-year-earlier milestone, then go back-and-to in between. And in the 10-year-later timeline, the story was told backward from Day 15 to Day 1, and again, several reflections to the 10-year-earlier memories. If I read the book, it shouldn’t be a problem and I might even find this narrative style interesting. However, in fact, I was too busy and impatient to read, so I just listened to the audio book while doing chores. I got distracted somehow and eventually lost track of the timelines; thus, the story would be too muddy to catch. The plot was actually simple, and the author just tried to make it complicated by her baffled storytelling. 

It was not the structure and storytelling that I wanted to complain about; it was the main character that annoyed me. Nicolette, despite the fact that I love her name, her personality was very unlikable. She was a selfish bitch, and she always had the arguments to defend her selfishness. So badly she hurt the men who loved her truly: first Tyler, then Everette. She really didn’t deserve to be happy. Really. 

There are some fancy compliments that compared this book to some popular best-sellers like “Gone Girl” or “The Girl on The Train”. Nope, you can never trust these exaggerations which are solely meant to be for commercial purposes. “All The Missing Girls” is moderately entertaining enough, but don’t expect too much from it!

Heen: 6.1/10

Goodreads: 3.78/5

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