The Good Daughter – Karin Slaughter

The good daughter - karin slaughter

Samantha and Charlotte are two lawyer sisters and currently not on good terms. 28 years ago, while their lawyer father wasn’t home, two guys broke into the house, killed their mother, raped Charlotte, shot and buried Samantha alive. The two girls survived, and the perps were convicted. Now after 28 years, Samantha is living her high life far away while Charlotte remains in the hometown with their lawyer father. One day, the father gets stabbed when defending a school shooting case. A schoolgirl and her principal are shot by an imbecile girl, witnessed by the principal’s wife, Charlotte and another school teacher. The crime seems obvious enough. However, Charlotte’s father insists on the girl’s innocence, so someone wants him dead for that. Only then Samantha comes back. Together the sisters join to look into the case, what truth hides beneath the lies, and how it is connected with their unfortunate encounter 28 years ago.

Actually I haven’t finished listening to this book, just halfway, but I’m going to drop it. Very boring even for listening. Ok plot but bland story-telling. The narrative is confusing somehow because it keeps jumping back and forth the timeline. The dialogues are too many and too long, telling unnecessary personal stuff. The characters are not likable (I kinda hate them, actually). Since the book is highly rated with numerous positive comments, I guess it’d get better in the second half, but I just want to stop and move on to another title.


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